Village Clerk's Office
Hours:                           8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri
Phone:                           315-457-3441
Fax:                               315-457-5119
Village Clerk/Treasurer:     Mary Ellen Sims
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer:     Sandra Callahan
The Village Clerk's office provides:

Board Meeting Minutes - Records of adopted minutes from the meetings of the Village Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board are filed in the Clerk's office and available online. Click the link above for Agenda and Minutes from these Board meetings.

Budge and Five Year Forecast - Budget and five-year forecast for the financial position of the Village is available at our office or online.
Village Code - View our Village Code online.

Complaints - Forms are available to file a signed complaint, which are forwarded to the appropriate department and acted upon.

Contractors Permit - A permit is issued to each contractor hired by homeowners. Permit applications are available online.

Election Polling Place - Our Village election is held in mid-June. Hours for polls to be open are 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Register to vote by calling Onondaga County Board of Elections at 435-8683. The Village Clerk's office is open on Election Day from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Freedom of Information Requests (FOIL) - Copies of records on file can be requested using this form.

Solicitor's Permit - An original, sealed permit is required to be carried by each solicitor going door to door within the Village of Liverpool. The solicitor's permit and authorization for release of information form need to be presented to the Clerk's office for authorization and approval before going door to door.

Street light Out Reporting - Contact the Clerk's office with exact location of the light that is out. It is helpful if you provide the pole number, which is located on the front of the pole.

Notary Public - The Village Clerk's office provides notary services, free of charge.

Tax Collection - Village taxes are mailed on the last working day of May. Taxes may be paid in person or mailed to our office from June to October 31.
The Village Clerk-Treasurer is a supervisory, administrative position appointed biannually by the Mayor, concurrent with the Mayoral term. The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for efficient operation of the village office and for its compliance with all pertinent regulations. The Village Clerk functions as the Official Village Management Officer wherein responsibilities include:

Ensuring accuracy for required recording, posting, filing and retrieving of all Village records
Preparing and transmitting to the Mayor orders directing payment of all claims
Maintaining custody and accounts of all Village receipts and expenditures
Handling village bank deposits
Signing of checks and validation of all payments and journal entries
Filing the annual village financial statement
Overseeing the budget process and five-year financial forecast

The Village Clerk-Treasurer serves as Village tax collector, Village elections commissioner, payroll clerk, employee benefits administrator, secretary to the Village Board of Trustees, Planning Board and Zoning Board,permit and license issuance officer and public service and information officer.