Village of Liverpool
310 Sycamore Street • Liverpool, New York 13088
Village Board of Trustees

Mayor:                        Gary C. White

Deputy Mayor:           Dennis Hebert

Trustee:                       Matthew Devendorf

Trustee:                       Christina Fadden-Fitch

Trustee:                       Bradley Young

Attorney:                     John Langey


The legislative body of a village, the Board of Trustees, is composed of the mayor and four trustees. The general power granted to the board under §4-412 of the village law provides that they:

"shall have management of village property, and finances, nay take all measures and do all acts, by local law, not inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution, and not inconsistent with the general law except as authorized by the Municipal Home Rule Law, which shall be deemed expedient or desirable for the good government of the village its management and business, the protection of its property, ,its safety, health, comfort, and general welfare of its inhabitants, the protection of their property, the preservation of peace and good order, the suppression of vice, the benefit of trade, and the preservation and protection of public works."

The Village of Liverpool Board of Trustees are elected for a term of two years. Elections are held on the third Tuesday in June each year.


The Village Board of Trustees welcome your comments or concerns. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on information that you would like to see on our web site. Email the village board at

Village Board Agenda
The Village Board meets the 3rd Monday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.

Village of Liverpool

Village Board of Trustees Meeting

August 15th, 2016

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7:00 PM
Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
 7:01Public hearing on Local Law D-2016 - A local law to amend Chapter 268 of the code of the Village of Liverpool to include additional intersections in the Village of Liverpool as stop intersections
 MinuesApprove minutes of July 81, 2016
Report of Officers and Committees

Introduce Local Law C-2016 - A local law for flood damage prevention as authorized by the NYS Constitution and call public hearing for September 19, 2016

Introduce local Law E-2016 - A local law authorizing purchasing based on best value and call public hearing for September 19, 2016

Corrections to Planning Board terms of office

Appoint Safety Committee - Sandra Callahan, Bill Asmus and Bill Reagan
  Appoint Ethics Committee - Robert Gaetano and James Farrell
  Adopt procurement policy
  Accept bid for 2010 Crown Victoria for $2,900 (Auctions International)
  Award bid for Sanitary Slip Lining Project
  Authorize training for Court Clerk Mary Beth Lollis-Barnell in Binghamton Sept. 25-28 for a cost not to exceed $2,100
  Authorize training for Judge LaValle in Lake Placid Sept. 25-28 for a cost not to exceed $2,330
 NYCOM Fall Training School Sept. 12-16, 2016 Saratoga Springs
Registration $285/per person
Hotel $1,188/per person - 4 nights
Travel - $152 - round trip
Stats/Park Requests
Treasurer Report
Transfers 1-24
 Appropriations Abstracts
Public Comment Period - Correspondence

 Outstanding Issues


Village Board Minutes

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