Village of Liverpool
310 Sycamore Street • Liverpool, New York 13088
Planning Board
The Planning Board board meets to approve site plans,
subdivision plots, special permits, review zoning, 
amendments or other development approvals
Applications and all required paperwork are required to be 
submitted TWO WEEKS in advance of the meeting
Current Agenda
Board Members (term expiry)
 Joseph Ostuni, Chairman
 John Eallonardo (2016)
 Michael LaMontagne (2016)
 Peter Osborne (2016)
 James Taft (alternate) (2014)
 Thomas Tartaglia (2016)

 Planning Board Agenda

Village of Liverpool

April 28, 2014
7:00 PM
Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
 Approval of minutes March 24, 2014

New Business
Public Hearing on application for special permit for property located at 205 Bass Street, tax map #006.-11-08 to build a 24' x 30' residential garage

Change date for May Planning Board meeting due to Memorial Day holiday
Old Business
Application for modified site plan for property located at 141 First Street for ADA compliant handicap access ramp

 Application for modified site plan for property located at 116 South Willow St., tax map #004.-06-19.1 to build an 8' x 20' above ground platform for outside cooler
  Continued public hearing on revised site plan for Limp Lizard Deck and Parking
 Revised site plan for White Water Pub
  Site Plan application for project "JGB Mixed Use Development" for property located on First St. and South Willow St.
  Discussion on vehicular access in light of the comprehensive review of the site plans received to date, specifically, Limp Lizard, White Water Pub and JGB

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Planning Board
The Planning Board meets as needed on the 4th Monday of each month. 
The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Meeting Room at Village Hall.
Minutes                                                    Public Hearing Notices
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October - no meeting                                                       Community Design Handbook
December - no meeting                                                   Click HERE to see the design handbook                   
January - no meeting                                                        
February - no meeting                                        
April 23, 2012
May - no meeting
June - no meeting
December 2012 - no meeting
January 2013 - no meeting
December 2013 - no meeting
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