Code Enforcement Office
Hours:                 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri
Phone:                 315-457-3441 x4
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Code Official:            Bill Reagan
Fire Inspector:           Dave Weber

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Building Permits
§156-5A Except as otherwise provided in Subsection B of this section, a building permit shall be required for any work which must conform to the Uniform Code and/or the Energy Code, including, but not limited to, the construction, enlargement, alteration, improvement, removal, relocation or demolition of any building or structure or any portion thereof, and the installation of a solid-fuel-burning heating appliance, chimney or flue in any dwelling unit, nor begin site preparation, excavating or filling or cause the same to be done, or any installation or extension of any electric, heating, ventilation, plumbing or fire protection system or features of a building or structure. No person shall commence any work for which a building permit is required without first having obtained a building permit from the Code Enforcement Officer.

§380-122.A - No building or structure or part thereof shall be created, enlarged, demolished, structurally altered or remodeled, including any change, interior or exterior, in dimension, type of use or number or type of occupancy, until a building permit has been issued by the Code Enforcement Officer pursuant to Chapter 156, Uniform Construction Codes, and subsequent amendments thereto.

§380-94.C - Driveway Permits - Permit required. No driveway or parking area shall be installed, enlarged or resurfaced prior to the issuance of a permit by the Code Enforcement Officer
The following items need to be submitted with a  Building Permit Application (some may not apply):
Survey (with new structure plotted on a copy of the survey)
Electrical Inspection Application
Plumbing Permit (Onondaga County Health Dept.)
Plans, including roof truss design sheets. (Stamped by NYS architect or engineer)
Contractor's Workers' Compensation Insurance Certificate
Contractor's Liability Insurance Certificate
Common Code violations to avoid in the Village: 
Not cleaning up after your dog
Placing a sign on village property between the sidewalk and the street
Attaching signs or posters to telephone poles or other public property
Installing a shed or swimming pool over 24" deep without a building permit
Building a deck or other structure or remodeling without a building permit
Having a yard or garage sale without the required permit (available from Village Clerk's office - no fee)
Parking a vehicle, licensed or not, in the front yard between the front of the house and the street
Parking an unlicensed vehicle outdoors
If you wish to file a complaint about a code violation, please fill out the Complaint Form and submit it to the Village Clerk's office.